I am a Toronto-based art director, designer, and illustrator. I started my career as an interior design intern over ten years ago before dabbling in traditional advertising designing Fly cards for four years. Seven years ago, I moved to Canada where I discovered my passion for interactive design.
I hold a degree in Linguistics and a diploma in Visual & Digital Arts – an unlikely combination to some, but I see the duo as two sides of one unity; communication that is both verbal and visual. I have mastered the fine art of visual conversations and I take great pride in creating an appealing message that is both concisely communicative and visually informative.
The last few years I've been busy creating websites, mobile apps and online games for clients like eBay, Kijiji, Lego, Disney, Hasbro, World Vision and many others. As a part of the amazing Visible Media family, I directed and designed more than 15 online games for kids. I was also an Art Director on eBay Fashion Emerging Markets app for Russia and Brazil. Coming from a Linguistics background and being a Russian-speaking/French-understanding designer in Canada, I participated in many multilingual projects. Working with bigger clients doesn't let me forget what it is like to support IE 6 and I am very familiar with the pain of designing for different mobile devices. In the summer of 2013, I was poached by an ambitious Toronto start-up, MoPals, that is promising to revolutionize the loyalty industry by rewarding people for their social activities.
Illustration is one of my biggest passions. I draw and I co-organize a pub drawing night in Toronto. I am also a self proclaimed geek, and yes, I can code! I love figuring out how things work and anticipating how people will be interacting with my products. I love designing the experience and making it beautiful. Most importantly, I love what I do.