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Oddbee is an innovative and lean design and web development studio. We create custom-tailored web and mobile solutions that help our clients, big or small, succeed online and offline.

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Draw By Night Toronto

I organize a social drawing event in Toronto. Once every 2 months over 60 illustrators, designers and art enthusiasts get together in a bar to draw to a certain theme and have fun.

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By nature of my work I do commercial illustration once in a while. However most drawings in my artistic portfolio are personal works, created for friends and family and inspired by highly emotional episodes in my life.

Illustration work


I travel a lot and I always keep my camera with me. Here you can find a collection of beautiful people and moments as I see them through my viewfinder

Burning Man Photos



I am a Toronto-based graphic & web designer. With a few partners I run design studio Oddbee.

In my career I went a long way from print advertising to web design to finally find my passion in creating beautiful user experiences. I made websites, mobile apps and online games for clients like eBay, Kijiji, Lego, Disney, Hasbro, World Vision, 500px and many others.

I went to school for Linguistics and for Visual & Digital Arts – an unlikely combination to some, but I see the duo as two sides of one unity; communication that is both verbal and visual.

Illustration is one of my biggest passions. I draw and I organize drawing event Draw by Night in Toronto.

I am also a self-proclaimed geek, user-centric design advocate and a big believer. I believe in smart people, hard work and that crazy ideas are never too crazy. I'm always looking to connect with great people and discuss ideas, no matter big or small. Have an idea? Let's talk, may be we grow it into something big together.